Each regular monthly DPiP event has space for 2-3 talks, each lasting around 15 minutes, with 5-10 minutes for questions.

Anyone is welcome to speak about any subject relating to digital, from development and design to personal blogging, marketing, business etc.  Just fill out the form below if you are interested.

We do have a few rules though:

Rules for DPiP Talks and Speakers:

  • Talks should be around 20 minutes duration or less allowing for Q&A. This allows us to have a reasonably diverse selection of topics each month as we have a wide range of attendees.
  • Talks should be non-promotional. Relevant examples and case studies can be used, but DPiP isn’t the place to advertise your business (unless you’re an event sponsor!)
  • Try to keep talks educational, helpful and informative. Also they need to be fairly accessible as we have a wide range of abilities and skills attending. That doesn’t mean they can’t tackle complex subjects, but prior knowledge shouldn’t be assumed.
  • Talks can make use of a projector/flipboard and a laptop.  If you’d like to bring your own device please let us know in advance so we can check we have the necessary cables. We have HDMI and VGA leads.
  • Talk content and slides must be appropriate for all ages.
  • If you do have a presentation prepared, please keep company info to the footer/end slide, and we’d love to have a copy in advance to ensure we can set up the laptop and projector prior to each event.
  • If any slides/presentations are supplied, permission to use and share them via DPiP channels (e.g. Slideshare, Facebook, etc) is assumed unless specifically stated otherwise.

 Previous DPiP Talks:

A list of previous talks and presentations to help you avoid suggesting or repeating a subject we’ve tackled recently.

August 2017:

  • 10+ ways to get MORE from Google Analytics – Explanation of some useful Google Analytics tools most people aren’t using to their full potential.
    Tim Stewart­ – www.trsdigital.com – @pjeedai

July 2017:

  • Teaching Tech-Fu – Help our kids defend themselves from online attackers – Mark Calleja – www.thehacklab.uk – @hacklabUK
  • DPiP Discussions – Tweet us your topics! Part III – The Return of the Sequel after Part I and Part II – Suleiman Leadbitter­ – SulJam – suljam.com – @Sulcalibur

June 2017:

  • Things – Learn about Drones, Beacons, Mesh and Physical Web – Richard Wishart – www.del-mgt.com – @Richard_Wishart
  • DPiP Debate: Freelancing – Part II – The Return of the Sequel after Part I – Suleiman Leadbitter­ – SulJam – suljam.com – @Sulcalibur

May 2017:

  • How the internet really works – Richard Yule – Euro-IX – www.euro-ix.net – @richardyule
  • Create where you want with Adobe Mobile Apps – Eric Renno – TipSquirrel – www.tipsquirrel.com – @eric_renno

April 2017:

  • The power of print in a digital age – Chris Smith – www.vibrantcolour.co.uk – @Vibrant_Colour
  • Why you need to breed creativity or die trying – Dean Lynn – Datify – www.datify.co.uk – @deanlynn

March 2017:

  • “Virtual Reality: Insight and Application” – VR products and how VR is already being used in novel ways commercially – Jack Howell – riselabs.co.uk – @riselabs_io
  • “Creating True Digital Natives” – From CodeClub to Pioneers to YRS. How you can help the next generation become digitally literate – Marc Scott – raspberrypi.org – @Coding2Learn

February 2017:

  • “What we can learn from Gordon Ramsay to design better products” – Jay Heal – jayheal.co.uk – @jaymichaelheal
  • “Who cares about quality content?” – Looking at proofing processes and the importance of quality vs shoddy, along with click bait content and overall content strategy – how this affects your audience, customers and clients – Anna Morrish – Quibble Content – quibblecontent.co.uk – @annamorrish

January 2017:

  • “Apps – The Future of Mobile Search” – Improving your rankings in app stores with App SEO – Stuart Shaw – Zazzle Media – zazzlemedia.co.uk – @stuartshawuk
  • “DPiP Debate: Freelancing” – Debate this month’s hot topic – Suleiman Leadbitter – Suljam – suljam.com – @suljam_

November 2016:

  • “The impact of Gigabit connectivity in Peterborough” – A summary of the findings of the CityFibre and UCP socio-economic report – CityFibre – www.cityfibre.co.uk – @CityFibre
  • “How I built a successful niche website” – The rise of The Warriors fansite – Gareth Jones – warriorsmovie.co.uk – @warriorsmovie

October 2016:

  • Keynote talk by: Suw Charman-Anderson – Founder of Ada Lovelace Day, journalist, social software consultant, blogger and public speaker. The History of Ada Lovelace Day – How it all started and how it has become a global celebration of women in STEM.
  • Panel discussion featuring special guests involved in STEM. On the panel: Liz Knight – Academic Director University Centre Peterborough, Samidha Anand – Senior Design Engineer, Hilary Lucas – Development Engineer.

September 2016:

  • “An introduction to Docker”- Where did Docker come from and why are so many businesses adopting it? – Alex Ellis – Docker Captain – @alexellisuk
  • “Digital Project Management Room 101” – Let’s discuss what aspects of PM you would put into room 101 – Jon Parsons – @MobasGroup – www.mobas.com

August 2016:

  • “Optimise your email marketing campaigns” – How to motivate people to engage with your email among all the others in their inbox – Emma Stebbing – @emstebbing
  • A celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – www.peterboroughstemfestival.co.uk

July 2016:

  • “Imposter Syndrome and the Dunning-Kruger effect” – The effect on undermining our estimation of skills in the workplace – Jessica Rose – DreamFactory – @jesslynnrose
  • “Games that changed the Computer Games Industry” – My top picks of the best computer games (open for debate) – Nigel Goddard – Allia Business Centre – @ftrbusiness

June 2016:

  • “How to make money from your blog” – Behind the scenes of Blogger Outreach – Rebecca Carey – Zazzle Media – @rebeccacarey955
  • “Don’t start a business” – A journey from employee to owner and all the pain in between – Scott Roberts – Riselabs – @scottmkroberts

May 2016:

  • “Hacked Off” – Dealing with a hacked droid and WordPress site – Tim Nash – @tnash – 34SP.com
  • “The 10 Rules of Surviving as a Contractor/Bounty Hunter” – Tips on working as a contractor – Jay “Boba” Heal – @jaymichaelheal

April 2016:

  • “The Futile Quest for Perfection” – The best route to finding the “nearest to perfection” in your design – Suleiman Leadbitter – @sulcalibur – sulcalibur.com
  • “Astro Pi” – Sending Raspberry Pi computers into space – Marc Scott – @Coding2Learn – www.raspberrypi.org

March 2016:

  • “Microsoft’s innovative technologies on Azure” – Outlook on the direction of Open Source Strategies and Services – Boris Devouge – Microsoft
  • “How to build shit quickly & keep your sanity” – The challenges of working on the UsVsTh3m project- Paul Curry – @cr3 – UsVsTh3m/BuzzFeed

5min Lightning Talk
1. Hannah Mills of Coding Club and Peterborough Raspberry Jam.

February 2016:

  • “The Biggest SEO Myths & Fails” – Mythbusting SEO and winning tips for 2016 – Joe Fletch – @JoeFletch_ – www.datify.co.uk
  • “Snakes & Minecraft” – Serpents, Pis and those famous blocks combined – Hannah Mills – @digitaldivageek

January 2016:

  • Jonathan Craymer – www.shayype.com – “Shayype – a total replacement for passwords?” Combating the hackers of passwords & PINs
  • Stuart Elmore – @digitalgravy – “Build your own PA” DIY voice controlled PA with Node and Raspberry Pi

November 2015:

  • Andrew Starnes – CityFibre – The UK’s Fibre Infrastructure
  • Lorena Hodgson – redbarncreative.org – Women from IT History

October 2015:

  • Tim Stewart – TRS Digital – ABC of AB and MVT
  • Richard Hunt – Peterborough Museum – Crowdsourcing Peterborough in the First World War

September 2015:

  • Hannah Bull – Zazzle – Traditional vs Digital PR
  • Jack Howell – Glass House Studios – Web Design; dealing with ‘difficult’ clients

August 2015:

  • Hazel Cottrell – Creative Content Company – Giving Your Social Media A Kick Up The Bum. Top ten tips on things people can do to make their social media better
  • Sue Keogh – Sookio – She gave advice to DPIP on writing attention-grabbing titles for your blog. You won’t believe what happened next

July 2015:

  • Lizzie Benton – lizaboo.co.uk – The Power of Blogging
  • Amy Melvin – Digital Eagles – The Digital Revolution

June 2015:

  • Simon Woods – web.com – What’s in a (domain) name?
  • Jon Parsons – Digital Project Manager – The power of community collected data

May 2015:

  • Stuart Elmore – Digital Gravy – Practical Scrum & Agile for ages 7+
  • Amy Bull – Businesscoms – Connecting Cities

April 2015:

  • Scott Roberts – Systematic Apps – From LazyCoffee to Appstore
  • Rob Mathers – Heart Internet – Developing your brand

March 2015:

  • Stuart Payn – Blok Collective – Creating Street Art for public spaces using digital processes and lasers
  • Claire Louise Sheridan – Datify – If You Can’t Write, There’s The Door

February 2015:

  • Adam Mason – Datify – Have you been spammed – Part Two – Recovering your rankings
  • Richard Kendall – Tips on producing good quality digital content

January 2015:

  • Kristan Downer – Dow Social – How to make a success of your social media campaigns
  • Roland – Think3Dprint3D – Introduction to 3D Printing with demonstration

November 2014:

  • Andy Starnes – City Fibre – Supercharging your business
  • Stuart Elmore – Digital Gravy – All your data are belong to me

October 2014:

  • Tim Nash – WordPress Speaker and Trainer – WordPress is growing up fast
  • Adam Mason – Datify – Have you been spammed?

September 2014:

  • The Website Angel – Clients from Hell
  • Sean Johnson – Sean Johnson Design – What are you really worth?

August 2014:

  • Jay Heal – TFl – UX Design. What the hell do users know?
  • Dan Thornton – The Way of the Web – Blogging for business or profit

July 2014:

  • Connecting Cambridgeshire – Free digital advice & grants

June 2014:

  • Andy Reedman – Mind of Design – Can you make my logo bigger?
  • Mike Mills – The Raspberry Pi – Better than the Apple Pie

May 2014:

  • CityFibre – Gig up Peterborough – Revolutionising the way we do business
  • Dan Thornton – The Way of the Web – SEO truths

April 2014:

  • Heartbleed Security Vulnerability Explained
  • Code Clubs and other voluntary school projects.