DPiP monthly meets are casual, volunteer-run events. Our organisers and speakers are all volunteers. Sponsor support for DPiP enables attendees to continue to experience the monthly events for FREE.

Team DPiP

rrKkI57v_400x400Jonathan Frascella | @joffff | www.gattonero.co.uk
Web developer, curry-fiend and a bit of a foodie. Sometimes available for hire, always available for feeding.

zn-XQDSV_400x400Tia Lush | @whoatemycrayons | www.whoatemycrayons.com
Freelance graphic and web designer & self-appointed member of the font and grammar police. The compulsion to correct grammar is only slightly overshadowed by the compulsion to eat cake. Frequently curious and mildly geeky.

phvuXVHU_400x400Andy Reedman | @andyreedman | www.mindofdesign.com
{Reedman doesn’t write bios, the bios write Reedman!}

rrKkI57v_400x400Liz Randell | @liz_randell | www.lizcreates.co.uk
Organiser of content, food writer, coffee lover. Maker of lists and creative schemes.

Dan ThorntonDan Thornton | @TWOTWMarketing | www.thewayoftheweb.net
Writer, marketer and hoarder of retro entertainment gadgets and technology.