DPiP Event: Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 from 7pm

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April’s talks cover design perfection and Astro Raspberry Pi.

November's DPiP Meeting

Places are free, but limited so remember to RSVP and reserve your seat at Meetup.com

See you there!

“The Futile Quest for Perfection” –
The best route to finding the “nearest to perfection” in your design
Suleiman Leadbitter - @sulcalibur - sulcalibur.com
“Astro Pi” –
Sending Raspberry Pi computers into spaceMarc Scott - @Coding2Learn - www.raspberrypi.org
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Meet the speakers

Jonathan Craymer

Suleiman Leadbitter

Black Tie, White Noise. Oscar, Zelda, Penguin, Gamma, Sector, …Bob-ble?



Stuart Elmore

Marc Scott

Head of Curriculum Development for The Raspberry Pi Foundation.