DPiP at CityLan 2015 in Peterborough


Digital People in Peterborough will be hosting a series of exciting workshops and talks at the CityLAN Gaming and Technology event on the 20-22nd August 2015. The workshops will be held over three days and we have lots of fun activities for geeks of all ages to participate in and enjoy.

Events will be free to attend, but you will need to book to reserve your space. Spaces are very limited so be quick!

Visit: www.citylan.co.uk for more information.

Talks + Practical Workshops

DPiP at Citylan 2015 - App Design Workshop

Solve a problem using UI Sketch Design

This workshop will give insights into the app design process where design thinking is used as a means to problem solve (as well as make things look awesome). Working collaboratively to come up with an app idea, name and sketch design some of the key user interfaces. Teams will be asked to pitch their apps to the rest of the group. This will be creative and interactive workshop and will especially appeal to anyone interested in technology and getting into the industry.

Jay Heal is a freelance user experience designer and researcher who has previously worked with organisations such as the BBC, Virgin Trains, Cineworld, Johnston Press and Transport for London.

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Raspberry Pi Wokshop with Raspberry Jam and DPiP

Arduino Workshops with DPiP CityLAN

Pi and Ardunio Workshops from Peterborough Raspberry Jam.

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Ada Lovelace at DPiP

Ada Lovelace: Victorian Computing Visionary

In 2009, Suw Charman-Anderson founded Ada Lovelace Day, an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. With grassroots events held around the world and thousands of people writing and talking about the women who have inspired them, the day seeks to raise women’s profiles and highlight unsung heroines.

Suw will talk about why there’s a need for such a day, and also about Ada Lovelace herself. Lauded as the first ever computer programmer, Ada was a gifted mathematician, yet today she faces challenges from many voices as to the veracity of her contributions to computer science. So who was Ada? And what do we know about her work on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine?

Suw Charman-AndersonSuw is a social technologist and, as one of the UK’s social media pioneers, has worked with clients worldwide. A freelance journalist, she has written about social media and technology for The Guardian, CIO Magazine and others.

Learn more about Ada Lovelace Day, 13 October 2015, at www.findingada.com or follow the team on Twitter at @findingada. Suw’s blog is at www.chocolateandvodka.com and you can follow her on Twitter as @suw.

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