DPiP 6th July Recap

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Well apologies for late Reedman Roundup…more mistaks have been made….I mean by Clem….ahem….anyway….thank you thank you all for coming and a big welcome to the new “dippers”?, “dpipper’s?”, “d-pippy-wippy-do-dahs”?…new folk.

Huge thanks to Nigel, great talk, I’m glad Lemmings didn’t make the list, darn game, ruined hours of my sleep, drawn to it, well, like a ruddy Lemming.

Huge thanks to Jess too, especially for highlighting I have imposter syndrome with no way to fix cause there’s only me that works here 🙁

Thanks to to me…I mean Clem Fandango, for highlighting the odd mistak that can happen…including the fact he couldn’t get the clicker working. Sorry it got a bit morbid with Stevie too, just wanted to raise a point (you probs don’t know Stevie Ray but it’s him playing the guitar in Bowies “Lets Dance”, his own songs are in “Dusk Til Dawn” too).

Here is the PDF of Nigel’s games presentation.

PDF of Jessie’s presentation on Imposter Syndrome coming soon!

Here is the PDF link to Lauren’s talk regarding Smuggler’s Trail.

PDF link to Andy’s talk on Mistaks (coming soon).

Here are the details for the Mobas junior web developer job that Jon Parson’s mentioned. Be sure to tell them you heard about via DPiP if you intend to apply 🙂

Also mentioned was the Peterborough Environment City Trust who are based here http://www.pect.org.uk/contact-us and have office space, desk space and meetings rooms open to offers from one hour to full months – the best contact there would be Selina West.

We’re still in the throes of planning Peterborough STEM Festival. If you are interested in volunteering and helping out then please get in touch!

Until next time, stay safe, stay in touch and follow each other (still not literally).

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