DPiP 4th November 2015 Recap

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Thanks to everyone who attended the last DPiP talk of the year!

Here is a quick re-cap of the evening;

A brief history of the UK’s fibre infrastructure and City Fibre
by Ben Hustwayte & Andy Starnes:

Marco Cereste, the leader of Peterborough’s city council said this project is “the most important development in Peterborough since the railways” and personally I agree. Who wouldn’t want to live in one of the best digitally connected cities in the country?
Because of all the work City Fibre have achieved, Peterborough has now become a Gigabit city which allows us to have ultra-fast free public Wi-Fi, Ubiquitous 4G coverage and produces a Gigabit speed fibre brought to our homes.
Technology is the future and the work City Fibre are doing is among the best at pathing the way to helping make the UK more digitally enhanced. It’s rare to see something that firstly affects each and every one of us, and is a positive effect on us all.

Women in IT history
by Lorena Hodgson:

We travelled through time in this particular talk and looked at the way women worked within their jobs in the IT sector through history…
One lady’s work that Lorena delved into was Ada Lovelace, who was a gifted mathematician. She is considered to have written instructions for the first computer program in the mid-1800’s, as well as some other women in the industry around that time.
Women are known to have a greater hold within the creative jobs in the industry as opposed to the more conservative jobs…but it is still unclear as to why.

After Lorena’s talk, we discussed the ideas on women in the IT industry which made it clear that there is an issue, are women just not confident enough to go into the industry or is it more than that?

With special thanks to Ben, Andy & Lorena for their talks.

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