DPiP 3rd August Recap

AndyDPiP Events, Event Lowdown

Well, once again thank you thank you all for coming, good to see new faces, sorry we didn’t get chance to speak to you all individually. We hope you enjoyed it.

Huge thanks for Emma for the insightful talk on emailing…all my email subject lines from now on will include “You won’t believe what this says…”, “Quick!, you have to read this!” and “oh look!…an exciting invoice!” 🙂
Thanks too to Tia for spreading the love of Peterborough STEM Fest..hope you can help spread the love too of that and of course of our sponsors.

My biggest fear of dropping the wrong name of someone came true last night, thankfully not on the mic, AND I said wrong company too…what an idiot!..total brain freeze (sorry Adam) 🙂

Stay tuned for next month info, and check out our Summer BBQ event on here too!…bring the family!

In the meantime have a good month, stay safe and see you soon!

Thanks all!

Mabel aka Andy.

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up on the website if you’d like to volunteer. There might be a sausage roll in it for you.