DPiP 3rd February 2016 Recap

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The second meeting of 2016 was much like the first, a full house which involved many newbies who worked in different aspects of the digital world.


After everyone had a chance to get a hot drink and find a seat we started the evening with Andy welcoming everyone to the event.

First talk

The evening started with a talk from Joe Fletcher from Datify who has been a SEO for over 5 years. His talk gave us some insight in to the myths of the digital marketing field and what to overcome when thinking about content and standing out on the web. These are some of Joe’s top tips for creating content:

• Be unique on the web, minimal use of duplicated content
• Think about how much value the content will add to the site
• Always put yourself in the shoes of the consumer
• Overall make your content simple, unique and make sure it gives the user an answer quickly

Joe suggested saying no to page rank as an idea for links on your content. He believes the formula is outdated and does not work anymore.

Joe believes just having a good content layout and content marketing will in fact increase your link building.

Lightening talk

IMG_1437Gareth Jones from Future Business Centre came and spoke to the group about a new Peterborough Jelly initiative. Nothing to do with food, but a way for freelancers and digital creatives to co-work and connect informally on the second Friday of each month. The FBC will open it’s doors and offer a FREE day for people to come into the centre to co-work. Free coffee and tea will be provided as well as the chance to experience the facilities at the centre. You will need to register on the meetup page.

During the break our members got a chance to mingle and chat and catch up with each other while enjoying some delicious food kindly supplied by Cafe Clarkes at the Key Theatre. As always there was a delicious selection of food to nibble on.

Bewitched to go digital?

IMG_1433After the second talk we had a presentation from Zach at Bewitched. The idea to create an app which will be in place of the loyalty cards, the idea to digitally use our phones instead of having to remember a piece of card really intrigues me and will no doubt make me a lifelong lover of the hot beverages at Bewitched Café! You can find out more by tweeting @Zach_sellers.

Second talk

IMG_1445Hannah Mills of Peterborough Raspberry Jam came along with a selection of pi kits and minecraft. She showcased some impressive python code, mainly written by 10 year olds and we got to see how easy it is to code for minecraft on the pi. We also got to see how the pi can be connected to a sensor HAT to turn it into a controller for the game.

Lively discussion followed and we all agreed that it was very impressive (and a little scary) that 10 year olds were writing code for the game!

The team at Peterborough Raspberry Jam will be hosting their second mini-jam with DPiP on the 20th February 2016 at the EIC. The workshop is free, but spaces are limited.

The new Peterborough Raspberry Jam website will be launched very soon.

Upcoming DPiP Workshops

Our friends at Datify have agreed to host a ‘blogging for beginners’ workshop at the EIC on Monday 15th February. The workshop will be free, but spaces will be limited.

We would also like to hear from anyone who is interested in doing a follow up workshop with Stuart of Digitalgravy following is very popular iPA talk at the January meeting. You can tweet @digitalgravy for more information.