DPiP 1st June Recap

AndyBlog, Event Lowdown

Digital People in Peterborough - June 1st 2016

Thank you thank you one and all for coming – our fullest house too date!  Sorry if we didn’t get chance to say hello personally on the night but great to see the familiar faces and plenty of new ones… you are all most welcome.

Huge thanks to our speakers: Helen and Idit from Play the City, what a great idea, although lads please note. weeing in a shop doorway at 3am after a night on the beer isn’t classed as an activity. 🙂

Thanks Rebecca from Zazzle Media for enlightening us on winning at blogging and what agencies look for in blogs when guest posting.  Stay tuned for my new YouTube channel “Reedman’s Fashion & Make-up tips” (figured if it works for Zoella).  Download details of the tools Rebecca mentioned in her talk.

Thanks Scott from Riselabs too for the business insights. It’s not easy but it can be rewarding being your own boss.  You can find Scott’s slides here.

We also announced details of Peterborough STEM Festival which we’re currently busy planning.    If you are interested in volunteering and helping out then please get in touch!

Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters, we’d appreciate if you all could tweet some love for them:

Take care, see you next month!