DPiP 1st March Recap

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This month was super busy and it was great to see so many of you showing your support for our speakers this month! Marc Scott from Coding2Learn and The Raspberry Pi Foundation started us off with a talk on Creating true digital natives including how we can get involved to help the next generation become digitally literate. Find Marc on … Read More

DPiP 1st February Recap

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February DPiP event meet up with Anna Morrish and Jay Heal

Thank you to everyone that attended our February meetup, it was great to see so many of you and we hope you all enjoyed it! We had a great turn out with both old and new faces including first time speaker Anna Morrish, a talented writer and marketing consultant, who educated us all on the best practices to use when … Read More

DPiP 7th September Recap

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This month we had the much requested talk on Docker from Docker Captain Alex and Jon who helped us lock away a few Project Management aspects into Room 101. ————– An introduction to Docker Where did Docker come from and why are so many businesses adopting it? Alex Ellis – Docker Captain – @alexellisuk We’re organising a Docker workshop, sign … Read More

DPiP 3rd August Recap

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Well, once again thank you thank you all for coming, good to see new faces, sorry we didn’t get chance to speak to you all individually. We hope you enjoyed it. Huge thanks for Emma for the insightful talk on emailing…all my email subject lines from now on will include “You won’t believe what this says…”, “Quick!, you have to … Read More

DPiP 6th July Recap

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Well apologies for late Reedman Roundup…more mistaks have been made….I mean by Clem….ahem….anyway….thank you thank you all for coming and a big welcome to the new “dippers”?, “dpipper’s?”, “d-pippy-wippy-do-dahs”?…new folk. Huge thanks to Nigel, great talk, I’m glad Lemmings didn’t make the list, darn game, ruined hours of my sleep, drawn to it, well, like a ruddy Lemming. Huge thanks … Read More

DPiP 1st June Recap

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Digital People in Peterborough - June 1st 2016

Thank you thank you one and all for coming – our fullest house too date!  Sorry if we didn’t get chance to say hello personally on the night but great to see the familiar faces and plenty of new ones… you are all most welcome. Huge thanks to our speakers: Helen and Idit from Play the City, what a great … Read More

DPiP 3rd February 2016 Recap

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The second meeting of 2016 was much like the first, a full house which involved many newbies who worked in different aspects of the digital world. After everyone had a chance to get a hot drink and find a seat we started the evening with Andy welcoming everyone to the event. First talk The evening started with a talk from … Read More

DPiP 13th January 2016 Recap

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Our first meeting of 2016 was to a packed house. We had nearly 50 people nestled into Bewiched Coffee in Peterborough, some people had arrived even before the organisers had a chance to get the banners and name stickers out! It was great to see lots of familiar faces as well as new faces. After everyone had a chance to … Read More

DPiP 4th November 2015 Recap

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Thanks to everyone who attended the last DPiP talk of the year! Here is a quick re-cap of the evening; A brief history of the UK’s fibre infrastructure and City Fibre by Ben Hustwayte & Andy Starnes: Marco Cereste, the leader of Peterborough’s city council said this project is “the most important development in Peterborough since the railways” and personally … Read More

March DPiP Event Round Up

TiaEvent Lowdown

The meeting in March was yet again to a packed house. We changed the layout of the seating which allowed us to get more seats in. Many thanks to the bewiched team for helping with the set up and making our jobs so much easier. The first talk of the evening was from Stuart Payn of Blok Collective.  Stuart talked … Read More