2015: Year in review



The past twelve months have seen a number of changes here at Digital People in Peterborough and developments in Peterborough itself.

Back in January we kicked-off the year by moving to our current home at bewiched coffee on Bridge Street, giving us a bit more space along with a more informal setting.

Membership and attendance numbers have grown steadily which has been extremely encouraging. Talks this year have been varied, ranging from 3D printing and content writing, through to Scrum & Agile, blogging, domain names, app development, SEO and much more!

Unfortunately one of the organising team, Nicole moved away from the area towards the end of the year but we have already enlisted the help of Freya to fill Nicole’s shoes who will hopefully become a familiar face over the coming months.

We held our first Raspberry Pi workshop in conjunction with Peterborough Raspberry Jam. Outside of DPiP, Peterborough’s digital sector continues to grow and has started to make headlines in the local media. Earlier in the year CityLAN had ambitious plans for an e-sports event and Hack The Holidays hosted a hackathon two weeks ago. Hopefully 2016 will see more digital events like these.
Peterborough City Council are also set to launch their Digital City Peterborough strategy which will help give the sector a unified access point for growth and investment.

We’re grateful to our sponsors and supporters who have helped us to be able to run DPiP each month. Shout-outs go to Heart Internet, DigitalGravy, CityFibre, and Datify whose valued sponsorship has enabled us to invest in our own hardware and marketing materials, reducing the need for us to beg and borrow. As a non-profit organisation we’re also looking to re-invest sponsorship through workshops and other events so keep an eye out for those next year.

As well as sponsors, DPiP is supported by a number of Peterborough businesses: bewiched for the use of their venue, Cafe Clarkes at the Key Theatre for the food every month and Eco Innovation Centre for use of their business services.

Despite the cliche we really do also have to thank all of you, our members for your continued support. You’re the digital community that DPiP is all about – we hope to see you all in 2016!