Introducing Analogue People in Peterborough!


In the 7+ years we’ve been running DPiP there has always been a particular group of people in Peterborough that we’ve struggled to engage in – those that actively shun digital technologies.

So with inclusivity in mind we’ve decided to branch out with a new community group: Analogue People in Peterborough which we’re proud to announce today!

Would you be interested in volunteering?  We’re looking for help at all levels, from announcing our meetup events in Cathedral Square (loudhailer will be provided) to operating the overhead projector in our meetups.

Please spread the word for Analogue People in Peterborough.  Perhaps you know someone that looks forward to when the latest copy of the Yellow Pages directory lands on their doorstep?  Or mabye someone that rejects convenient home shopping deliveries in favour of queuing in supermarkets for their weekly groceries?

Our first event is today, 1st April 2018 at 11:59am.  Please arrive promptly as latecomers will not be admitted.


Overhead projector photo by Bomas13Eget arbejde, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link