DPiP 4th April 2018 Recap

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Digital People in Peterborough Meetup April 2018

This month saw the biggest turnout so far in 2018 at Digital People in Peterborough. The combination of lighter evenings, two fantastic speakers, and the hospitality of our hosts at Bewiched Coffee led to a great mix of DPiP regulars and new faces. And if you’d like to come along in the future, you’ll find a very welcoming group of people from all areas of technology and the digital world.

Agile Coach and ScrumMaster Muhammad Meghji (@mameghji) gave a fascinating talk on ‘Practicing Mindfulness in an Agile Environment’. The idea of increasing mindfulness and focus via techniques like meditation has become more and more popular, so to get a clear explanation of not only how to implement it, but how it can be applied in working practices and environments was really valuable. The feedback from various DPiPers showed how many people were either interested in using what they’d learned, or had already begun using similar processes.

You can see many of the slides from the DPiP edition of the talk embedded below.

And it was definitely noticeable how much more calmly everyone enjoyed the halftime food kindly provided by Little Red Chilli.

Digital People in Peterborough Meetup April 2018

Our second talk of the evening was a very clear and practical explanation of something that’s been causing increasing confusion and worry for business owners, marketing teams and anyone involved in collecting, using and storing personal data. ‘GDPR… coming ready or not!’ was delivered by Emma Stebbing (@emstebbing).

Not only did the talk itself manage to convey what GDPR really means in a way we could all understand and apply to our own work and lives. But Emma also fielded one of the largest amounts of post-talk questions in a long time with some really helpful answers. Various attendees contributed that it was the clearest talk on GDPR they’d seen.

We also had some quick lighting talks on events like the Reactor Concept Development Workshop, and the Flux tech meetup/club night.

Thank you to all our speakers and attendees. If you’d like to support DPiP or get involved in any of our events, then contact us via this site, or connect with us via social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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