DPiP 3rd May Recap

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Andy Reedman Hereward Radio Stemfest

Well that’s May already come and gone….but what a great one it was too…again!!

Thank you all for coming – it was great to see so many familiar and new faces – and apologies if us organisers don’t get chance to come and say hello in person, it get’s a bit mad for us as we strive to at least look like we know what we’re doing (haha).

Richard Yule Eric Renno talks

Huge thanks to our speakers Richard from Euro-IX for showing us the deeper roots of the Internet (capital “I”) and Eric from TipSquirrel for demonstrating the handy use of Adobe Mobile Apps when out and about/shopping with the better half and you suddenly get hit with a flash of inspiration.

Richard’s presentation can be viewed here. However if you missed either Eric or Richard’s presentations or just want a recap you can watch both talks over on our Facebook page, thanks to Hereward Radio who streamed the event live.

As ever, thanks to all our sponsors for this month’s event plus our supporters Bewiched Coffee, The Eco Innovation Centre and Vibrant Colour for their continued help and support – DPiP is free and all we ask in returns is that you please spread their love with tweets, follows and thumbs ups!


If you’re interested in sponsoring a DPiP event, please get in touch with us.

We’re still on the hunt for main speakers for later in 2017 (and beyond) so if you have a topic you’d like covered or would like to do one then email us at hello@mydpip.com. To give you an idea of the subjects we have covered in the past and the ‘rules’ visit the speakers and talks page.

Peterborough STEM Festival

As I mentioned, we are still busily planning Peterborough STEM Festival so if you are interested in volunteering or getting involved (or know anyone who else who fits the bill) then please get in touch with our latest victim, I mean volunteer co-ordinator Nigel who will be happy to book you in with a couple of hours slot (not the whole day) for whichever day suits you best.

Of course too we’re looking for STEM Fest sponsors so we’d appreciate any company coming forward to offer whatever they can in that respect.

Riselabs Virtual Reality Experience Workshop

I can personally vouch for the “WOW” factor in this. Think of the first time you tried Wii Sports and then double it. It can only get better too some come along and have a go and see how it could possibly help in a business sense too.

For more information on the Riselabs Virtual Reality experience workshop or to register visit riselabs.co.uk/vr.


If you haven’t seen them we have some beautiful brand new DPiP notebooks which are now available for purchase in our online shop.

That’s all for now, take care and we’ll see you next month!