DPiP #7 We’re Back! January 19th, 2012, Brewery Tap from 7.30pm

DanThorntonDPiP Events

After such a great response to the idea of DPiP, meeting lots of great people, having some inspiring conversations and thinking up some great plans, somehow everything slipped towards the end of 2011. But we’re back for 2012. And although the Christmas period is sometimes financially challenging, we’re sure Santa might slip you a few beer tokens you can keep … Read More

DPiP #6 – Peterborough Beer Festival

JoffDPiP Events

The next outing for Digital People in Peterborough is the Beer Festival! Even if you’re not a hardened warm ale drinker, don’t worry as the Beer Festival also has a wide range of lagers, ciders, perrys and wines. Entry charge is £9.00 (or £5 to CAMRA & EBCU members). Entry price includes a glass which is yours to keep or … Read More

DPiP #4 Curry Night

JoffDPiP Events

We’ve gathered the votes and started to make arrangements – the first DPiP curry night is a go! All of the information (and details on how to pay) can be found at http://dpip.eventbrite.com but in summary: When Friday April 8th.  Meet at 7pm to eat at 7.30pm. Where The Banyan Tree, on Westgate in Peterborough.  More info How much? £15 … Read More